Its a New Year! ^_^

So 2015, has overwhelmingly been good to me. Experiences are all I crave for in life, and I had hands on a lot of them this year.

Life is beautiful if you let it unravel, it’s even more beautiful when you fight for it.

Love is bliss, you are happiest when surrounded by love, filled with compassion.

Friendships are thrilling and adventurous, at the end of the day you only need a friend.

And music, dance and books are the quintessence of life, we all live more than one lives through them.

And travel, wandering is what we were born for. I am going back to being a nomad. I find myself in losing myself.

And people are beautiful, just the way they are. They are sunrises, sunsets, hopes and despair. And I have met some, gotten close to some, and even lost some this year. I am just grateful for everything. 😊

And so on this dawn of new year, I wish each of us has the Almighty’s blessings with us in each and every endeavor of ours. May good experiences touch us first hand. And may we make the most of our life every single moment, by living it fully. And may love be with us always.
Wishing everyone a very prosperous New Year ahead!

Lots of Love 2015. And Hello 2016. I just know you’ll be freaking awesome.


Some awesome photography by me!

P. S. It’s a random couple I saw at Taj Nature’s Walk at Agra and clicked them. Yes, I know I am creepy at times and I have been told by people to get a life a number of times. But the picture was just so beautiful, that I just couldn’t moral police me then. Ok bye.


The Monthly Predicament

Yeah, here I am to talk about periods. Menstruation. The time of the month when my womanhood is all I can think about. ❤


Well, enough people talking about it already. So I’ll prefer to be late in joining that conversation. 😛

How about this- How many of you are always short of money? A heads up would be appreciated.


I am. Always. Eternally.

As said earlier, being a student dependent on parents I am always tight on budget. I believe in saving, but owing to the fact that I am a glutton, I can never bring myself to save a penny; result being that I always exceed on the amount that is given to me on a monthly basis and naturally I demand more ‘rokda’(This has led me to believe that the monthly income that I get from parents is just a forgotten cackle, a runoff at mouth, only on paper; never realized practically; which by the way I am grateful about  😀 )


I am amused and also in awe of people around me who tend to save so much money from the limited sum that they get from home, that they are able to gift their parents or loved ones expensive presents. #JustTelling, if I gift people I literally beg my parents to sponsor me some money for “my project work at college”; so in effect  if I am gifting you something, it’s my parents’ gift to you. So I have started making something on my own and gifting people rather than buying. And seriously, if I made something for you; you ought to be very special because I am very lazy (Well of course, you must have inferred that by looking at the number of posts that I have in my blog ^_^ ).

I can count on my fingers (hands and feet together, and many times over) the number of times I have wanted to do things but have backed out because of the ever perpetual dearth of money. My classes in Guitar, Swimming, Jazz all wait for my enrollment. Books and clothes all wait in the Amazon cart. Wait endlessly. Forever. 😥

Being a spendthrift is not that easy fellas, it needs a lot of practice, no patience, no control and above all a disregard of money and unabashed audacity to call your Dad every time and ask him to transfer money into your account so that you can again spend it on food.

By the grace of God, other than my penchant fondness for food I do not have a groove for drinking, smoking or drugs! (Shiv, shiv, shiv, shiv! :-! ) Heaven knows, what cataclysm would befall if I had a weakness for these.

So what do I do? What is it that I do?

FUFCGX0FZ383E3Q.LARGE I have no answer. Nothing other than I have to let my stomach growl, keep my mouth shut, get a guru and learn to save. If somebody has a better answer than this, probably just tell. And let the entire horde of people from my genre perish in your wisdom! -.-‘

Misanthrope, are you?

“This is a cynical cynical world, man eat man, people will always be contemptuous about how far you’ve gone and what you have accomplished. They’ll give a sympathetic ear to what you have to say, they’ll commiserate in your anguish but will sneer and jeer once you turn your back on them…….”

I meet so many people saying this same thing over and over again in their own versions of it. I started speculating about people’s motivation behind what they do. And the denouement I drafted for my relentless soul was that, “people are self-interested, self-centered; everything else is complementary”.

We live for ourselves, anything other than this is delusive; which in no way is wrong. You come alone, you go alone, bla bla bla… We are here just for our self advancement, reformation and amelioration. I am writing this blog to upgrade my writing skills, and you are reading it for your furtherance.

The world works on the Boomerang principle. “What you give to the world, is what you will have back”. The world is a reflection of our own psyche. We think people are deceitful, phony, or even predatory, those are the people we attract in our sojourn of life. The more we meet such people, the more obstinate and deeply ingrained our conviction becomes. And then we go out and make an incessant declaration of our misanthropic audit of the world.

The picture of our childhood is the manifestation of the fact “Be good, do good”. All of us are taught that. Another cliche we learn about is “Love”. Our parents ensure we grow in love, spread love and do good everywhere. People can be mean, arrogant, awful, but we are all creatures (generalizing it for not just humans, all living creatures) and love binds us all. Nobody has ever understood it nor I wish to explain, but love dwells in us, all of us and that is what we live by. And no creature present on this planet is spared of it.

“I know now that people only seem to live when they care only for themselves, and that it is by love for others that they really live. He who has Love has God in him, and is in God – – because God is Love.”
– Leo Tolstoy, What Men Live by and Other Tales.

P.S.- I don’t give new ideas, I only realize what has already been said by other people before. I am a slow learner, I learn things myself and when I learn something, I write it here. That’s all I do. Forgive me if I don’t come up to your expectations, but this is who I am. 🙂

Footprints On The Sands Of Time

So, I finally sit down and write my first dissertation. One, because I don’t feel like studying(not afraid of the impending sessionals) ; two, because I have nothing better to do on this Valentine’s eve(as evident, the writer is single); three, because I am out of practice writing stuffs for over three years(except for those futile,exasperating blabberings that I email my crush and some maudlin FB posts every now and then).

There are these random musings that keep passing my mind. Since, there are so many things going on with me, evidently I have no time thinking about anyone else, so I keep judging myself. The roads I have taken so far, the choices I have made. I never blame my circumstances, they have always been favourable. It’s been just me, who has to have the answer, a progress report. No, no, the end of the year hasn’t arrived, yet I feel the need every now and then to keep a check on myself, to keep myself from going astray, as I am a person very likely to hop from one thing to another. I work on instincts, there is a thought in my mind and next moment I am doing it, no second thoughts, nothing. Life has never been easy, simple but never easy, especially if you have a mind which would never batten down its jabberings.

So I have an encounter with myself. I see myself two years ago, and now. How much I have changed! There was this fat girl(who is still a butterball by the way) with dreams, big dreams, having no plans whatsoever how to achieve them, yet all armoured with belief, to enter the battlefield. Then reality struck. How could an unexperienced sailor, a novice navigate and reach his destination without acquainting himself with the wrath of sea. A milestone to the dream, I failed to achieve. And ever since then, I’ve failed, always, everywhere. And then suddenly…. suddenly I realise how depressing this writing has become. So I swap roles. Obviously you are not interested in knowing what I have been through, you are already fighting your own war! Let me then not mourn about it and help you get charged and move towards  your intent.

Ever heard the story of a bumblebee? The pseudoscience argument of Aerodynamics states that a bumblebee cannot fly as it does not have the required capacity (in terms of wing area or flapping speed). Ignorantly defying all the laws of sane world, a bumblebee flies! A man is fettered in his own limitations. Education teaches us what we can do, and wistfully also what we cannot. When we don’t know our limitations, we go out and astound ourselves. In hindsight, we wonder if we had any limitations. The only constraint a person has are those that are self-imposed.

Follow your most intense obsessions MERCILESSLY. Breathe in them. A strong, passionate, pulsating desire will fetch you whatever you want. Do not forget to put hardwork in between. Its a tmesis, you forget to put it somewhere and the entire meaning changes to something else.

“It’s a force that appears to be negative, but actually shows you how to realize your Personal Legend. It prepares your spirit and your will, because there is one great truth on this planet: whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it’s because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It’s your mission on earth.”

I’m no philosopher but I believe we are all heroes! All of us. Nobody could ever live our life better than we did. I make a point, not to blame anyone for whatever happens in my life. “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul”.

So, take charge, get over the bars. Awake, arise, aspire. Shine. Shine, for thou art the sun!

“Lives of great men all remind us

We can make our lives sublime,

And, departing, leave behind us

Footprints on the sands of time”